• Can't get to a gym?
  • Travel all the time?
  • Don’t know where or how to start?
  • Have no idea what to eat?
  • Looking for NEW routines and continual challenges? 


You’ll get a professional exercise program designed specifically for you  

- WITH a nutrition regimen included!

I design programs for any fitness level. I will tailor your workouts depending on the exercise equipment you have available. Whether you have access to a full gym, no equipment at all or somewhere in between I can design a program to meet your needs.

Along with your program, you also receive a nutrition plan & MyZone Heart rate system to track your calories & effort level. Please see the MyZone video to learn exactly how it works.


  • We start off with an initial 15-minute phone or Skype consultation. During this consultation, I will get to know you and evaluate you. We will discuss any injuries or medical issues that may affect your workout. I will ask you questions regarding your exercise and eating habits, past & present and also discuss your goals.

  • After your consultation with me, I will create an initial 30-day exercise program and nutrition plan that will best help you reach your goals in a safe and effective manner.

  • You will be emailed your exercise program and nutrition plan. Your MyZone heart rate monitoring system will be mailed directly to you.
  • Once you receive your emails, we will have a 2nd, 15-minute Skype session to discuss the exercise program & go over any questions you may have in regards to the program, nutrition and how to properly perform the exercises so not to get injured.
  • You begin your exercise regimen. During your first month, you receive one, 10-minute phone or Skype session per week for the first 3 weeks to get you off to a great start! Feel free to contact me through email to ask any questions you may have!
  • The final week of the first month, there will be a 10-minute phone or Skype session to evaluate the months’ progress and get ready for the upcoming month.
  • You will receive your upcoming month’s exercise regimen and nutrition plan.
  • After month ONE, you will continue to have email contact and one 10-minute end of the month phone or Skype evaluation and prep session for the upcoming month.


1-year membership – 1st payment $349, 11 more payments of $59.99 (Sign Up)

6 Month membership – 1st payment $349, 5 more payments of $69.99 (Sign Up)

No commitment membership – 1st payment $499, then $75 per month cancel any time with 30 days’ notice. (Sign Up)


OnStageFitnessNYC, LLC and the developers of your fitness program Jamil Miller shall make no evaluation or recommendation as to whether a participant is medically fit for any exercise activity. It is always advisable to consult your physician before undertaking a physical exercise program. You warrant, represent and agree that you are in good physical condition and medically fit to engage in strenuous physical activity. You further warrant, represent and agree that you have no disability, impairment, ailment or physical condition preventing you from engaging in any physical exercise.

You also understand that the use of exercise equipment, club facilities, training and instruction could cause injury to you. You hereby release and waive all rights to sue OnStageFitnessNYC, LLC and the developers of your program Jamil Miller for death, personal injury and/or any other claimed damage which is in any way associated with these any exercise or training activities or due to ordinary negligence on the part of OnStageFitnessNYC, LLC or any of its members. You further hereby release and waive all rights to sue OnStageFitnessNYC, LLC and any of its members for injury.