COMPETITION PREPARATION bad do you want it???

Training your body to achieve all around lean muscle mass takes dedication and consistency. Allowing your muscles to adequately repair and recover in-between workouts is also paramount to reaching your goals because while training, you literally are making tiny 'tears' in your muscles. It's almost like breaking them down to build them up.  In your recovery process is where they rebuild and grow and get stronger. Nothing to be alarmed about at all....just necessary. Sometimes the 'burn' (lactic acid build up) that you feel when you are training your muscles will make you want to stop....all the more reason why a trainer is necessary. 

I am hands-on with ALL my clients - in the most professional way. Being an extremely visual trainer, I am able to see what your threshold is. With my personalized training and nutrition program, I help you maximize your overall strength - and with correct form and weight - you will see results in a matter of weeks!


Competition posing & stage presence

As a Posing Coach, competitors are referred to me from all walks of life:  Executives, Trainers, Accounting Managers, HR Directors, Entrepreneurs…they are all athletes who want the same thing: to learn how to effectively master stage presence through posing in any competition that will earn them THE ULTIMATE award: a PRO card in their class.

In training athletes to pose and master stage presence takes a lot of hard work.  I am astutely meticulous about every turn, every positioning of the legs, chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps and abs.  Since every competitor’s physique is different, it is vital to choose which pose position works best for them.  Once the pose is learned and practiced over and over and over, then comes the practice of ”holding the  pose”, which can be just as challenging as a high intensity workout!  Along with posing and techniques involved comes stage presence.  You cannot just walk on a stage WITHOUT practicing and WIN. Everyone has a 'presence' and this is what the judges look for.  We 'find it' in practicing your 'walks' and 'routines'.  It is imperative to learn exactly what the judges are looking for and with the Onstagefitnessnyc techniques, the PRO in you WILL come out! You will bring the best total package to the stage!


Competition Nutrition & Meal PREPARTATION

One on One professional nutritional guidance ("CUTTING") leading up to competition. 


OSFNYC TEAM keeps growing! hard work, perseverance and discipline are the factors that allow these exceptional athletes to achieve the status' they have. whether it's at a pro level or in the top 3, the osfnyc team continues to win - at every competition! now it's your turn to take your fitness to another level!

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OnstageFitnessNYC & The International Physique League (IPL) 

In conjunction with Onstagefitnessnyc, we have partnered with the International Physique League, a competitive fitness federation with top “Natural”drug-tested physiques from everywhere!  If you’d like to be a part of this dynamic young organization and have considered competing, contact for ALL your posing and competition preparation and register to compete at!