OnStageFitnessNYC Professional Competitors  

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Angel Aulet

 – Exercise Specialist

 – Personal Trainer

 – Group Fitness Instructor

 – NEW! 2016 International Physique League Athletic Pro

Being a fitness enthusiast for well over 15 years, Angel has been bringing it well before he stepped foot on stage for the first time in May, 2016.  He is truly a ‘game changer’.  Teaching Angel to pose for his very first competition was nothing short of amazing.  He is an astute learner, dedicated to the art of fitness training. Never missing a posing session, consistent with his workout regimen and always dedicated to his healthy nutrition regime, Angel brought ‘the total package’ to the stage; he controlled the posing routines and was just numbers away from achieving a perfect score! He will be competing in his very first PRO show in August! Those other pros are going to have to be on their “A” game because the ‘game changer’ will be on the stage!!! Go Angel!


David Boutros

David Boutros came to Onstagefitnessnyc ready to get right on that stage! David’s physique displays nothing short of a sculpted, highly trained athlete.  Being a personal trainer, he knows and understands the dedication and discipline the body commands to stay in peak form.  Combining a unique brand of outside bodyweight training and indoor weight training, David constantly challenges his physique.  Ready and poised to win, his firsttime on the stage, he placed third in the athletic class.  Under the Onstagefitnessnyc training, nutrition and posing tutelage, his second time on the stage competing in his first bodybuilding show – he took FIRST PLACE and rightfully earned the coveted PRO card! David’s tagline is ‘i.a.t.g. real!’ – Get ready bodybuilding world because IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL with David!



Mary Onyango-Aulet


Mary Onyango-Aulet – Double Pro card athlete – Figure and Athletic Pro!  Mary took the stage by storm by becoming a double pro card athlete in her first International Physique League show.  Fitness and nutrition are the paramount standards of Mary’s lifestyle.  Although not a novice to the stage, coming to Onstagefitnessnyc, Mary honed her stage presence, culminating into an outstanding, graceful and highly poised competitor.  Leading an extremely busy lifestyle, Mary’s determination and perseverance to the competition world will be a force to be reckoned with.  She’s a DOUBLE PRO card athlete, world – and she’s just starting!

Dareni W

My first competitor, Dareni's FIRST time on stage:  she won the Novice Figure AND the Open Figure class = PRO COMPETITOR!!!! With dedication to training, (it took her body 5 months to change), being mentally prepared, never missing a training session, food preparation, countless hours of posing, Dareni walked on that stage and captured TWO titles in her very first show at Tempe Theatre of the Arts in Arizona! Becoming a pro athlete is never easy, but with persistence and drive, nothing is impossible!  We look forward to many more shows to WIN!!!