Nutrition Coaching

     One of the most important aspects of training clients is their nutrition. Whether you are just learning the ropes of good nutrition or are a 'seasoned' healthy or 'clean' eater, learning what proper foods work and don't work for your body or lifestyle is critical in conjunction with training.

     My clients are all given evaluations at the start of their program, whether they are truly beginners in the fitness world, seasoned and/or competitive athletes. The evaluation will give me a blueprint so that a personally comprehensive nutrition program can be prepared. All pertinent information such as allergies, medications taken (if any), eating habits, food dislikes and working hours all play a major role in comprising the program.  Don't worry - there won't be any foods you won't want to eat!

     Just like consistency in training, there has to be consistency in staying on course with your nutrition. From time to time, there will be modifications made to the plan. As your body changes, so will the need for your training and nutrition plan to change.

     I stay focused on bringing my clients excellent service all around.  However, nutrition holds a special place in my heart because I suffered with obesity. I know the struggle. It's REAL. The great news is that food IS GOOD for you and I will show you how to have a great relationship with it. I teach you that food is FUEL FOR THE BODY - that's all there is to it!

     Let's get your nutrition game going! Whether you're training for a marathon, a competition, are tired of yo-yo diets and those 'magic' pills that just might be placebos, or you just want to eat healthier, book your session today! You'll be sooooo glad you did!!!



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